Bontera SA

September 2023

Food security remains a global challenge, and within the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) geography, this security is beset by local challenges and the adverse impacts of climate change. To address these pressing issues and pave the way for a more sustainable and secure food future, Bontera is set to take centre stage at the upcoming Islamic Organisation for Food Security (IOFS) High Level Forum on Food Security in Doha, Qatar, on October 2, 2023.

This will be the sixth meeting of the General Assembly of the IOFS, and aims to bring together stakeholders, experts, policymakers, researchers, and representatives from various sectors involved in agricultural technologies and innovations. The theme for the event is “Together Committed to Action” and promises to bring together esteemed Ministers and high officials from across the OIC geography, and around the world, to collaborate for meaningful solutions.

Managing Director of Bontera Southern Africa, Gerhard Coetzer, will present “Bontera - Revolutionizing Agriculture with the Power of Microbes” during the Good Food Farming and Climate-Smart Agriculture session on the morning of day two.

The Urgent Need for Agri-Tech Solutions

The IOFS Forum recognises the pivotal role of advanced agricultural technologies in overcoming the challenges faced by OIC Member States. These technologies include climate-smart agriculture, precision farming, digital agriculture, remote sensing, organic and vertical farming, hydroponics, and irrigation systems, among others. Such innovations offer the promise of optimising resource utilisation, enhancing productivity, and mitigating environmental impacts.

Objectives of the Event

  1. Promotion of Advanced Agricultural Technologies: The forum aims to promote the application of state-of-the-art agri-technologies, particularly in harsh and marginal environments, at affordable and cost-effective prices. Bontera, as a leading innovator in the field, will showcase practical solutions to make advanced agri-tech accessible to farmers across OIC Member States.
  2. Enhancement of Science and Research: A primary goal of the forum is to foster scientific research contributing to cost-effective agricultural practices.
  3. Presentation of IOFS Projects: Attendees will gain insights into specific IOFS projects that serve as practical demonstrations of advanced technologies in agriculture.
  4. Facilitation of Strategic Partnerships: The IOFS aims to create opportunities for strategic partnerships, further advancing affordable agri-tech solutions and facilitating their widespread implementation.
  5. Addressing Water Management: The event will emphasise advanced water technologies, including precision irrigation systems and innovative solutions such as artificial aquifers and atmospheric water generators.
  6. Organic Farming and Climate-Smart Agriculture: Bontera will contribute to discussions on advancements in climate-smart agricultural technologies and organic farming. The company will specifically highlight affordable and cost-effective practices, such as biofertilizers and drought-resistant crops, to enable OIC Member States to adopt these practices on a mass scale.
  7. Enhancing Food Production: The forum will explore the potential of affordable emerging technologies such as vertical farming, hydroponics, and gene editing in enhancing food production. Practical applications of these technologies will be presented, demonstrating their viability, and encouraging widespread adoption.
  8. Policy and Regulatory Frameworks: The focus will be on designing frameworks that promote cost-effectiveness and accessibility, allowing advanced agri-tech to become the norm.

Join Bontera in Shaping a Sustainable Food Future

As Bontera takes the stage at the IOFS Forum on Advanced Agri-Tech, the company invites all stakeholders to join in shaping a sustainable and secure food future. By harnessing the power of advanced agricultural technologies, we can address the pressing food security challenges faced by OIC Member States, foster economic stability, and build resilient food systems capable of withstanding the adverse effects of climate change.

Be part of this transformative journey with Bontera in Doha, Qatar, on October 2, 2023, and discover how advanced agri-tech can revolutionise agriculture, safeguard food security, and ensure a brighter future for all. Together, we can change the game from the ground up.