Bontera® FungiBac

Microbial Foliar Spray


Bontera® FungiBac is a broad spectrum microbial product specifically for foliar application. It contains beneficial microbes and organic acids that help with overall plant health.

Formulated as a bio-fertilizer and plant growth enhancer, Bontera® FungiBac is designed to maintain and stimulate the phyllosphere to grow stronger and healthier plants.

It is completely organic-based and environmentally friendly, and is highly compatible with sustainable, organic farming practices and leaves no harmful chemical residues after application.

Key Benefits Of FungiBac:

Helps to restore microbial balance

Promotes the phyllosphere

Reduces the use of chemicals

Promotes plant growth

Improves yields

Directions For Use

FungiBac can be used as a plant growth enhancer and applied as a light cover spray at important growth stages.

Applications Rates: 500ml/ha or 125ml/100L water


Bontera® FungiBac can be co-applied with chemical fertilisers and most pesticides. Do not co-apply Bontera® FungiBac with nematicides or fungicides. For best results use in combination with Bontera® Impact and Bontera® Dynamik-T.

Storage Instructions

Store in an airtight container under dry/cool conditions (20°C; 68°F). Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Regulatory Information

RSA - Group 3 Fertilizer Reg. no. M133 (Act 36 of 1947)