Bontera® Myco2

Mycorrhizal Soil Enhancer


Myco2 is a microbial product designed to promote germination and enhance root growth. It contains multiple species of mycorrhizal fungi as well as other growth promoting microbes formulated into a organic acid based powder.

The word “Mycorrhizae” originates from the words “myco” meaning fungus and “rhiza” meaning root, and is a mutually symbiotic relationship between specialised fungi and plant roots. These fungi are called “Mycorrhizal Fungi”, and they colonise plant roots and extend into the soil increasing the effective root area of plants. They also assist the plant in the uptake of nutrients and water which in turn enhances plant growth and increases the plants tolerance of environmental stressors.

Diversity of mycorrhizae in the plant’s root system is important, as different types and species of mycorrhizae provide different benefits to the plant under variable circumstances. Myco2 contains multiple species of both endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi together with other complementary microorganisms in a unique powder formulation.

Key Benefits Of Myco2:

Enhances plant health

Increases fertiliser efficiency

Increases soil organic matter

Improves germination

Improves plant resistance to stress

Directions For Use

Soil Application

Apply 50 - 150 g/ha at planting; Apply the product in-furrow or use drip irrigation or other irrigation systems to ensure the product is well dispersed over the entire area.

Seed Coating

Apply as a wet seed coating just before planting.

Use 50g on enough seed for 1ha


Bontera® Myco2 can be co-applied with chemical fertilisers and most pesticides. Do not co-apply Bontera® Myco2 with fungicides.

Storage Instructions

Store in an airtight container under dry/cool conditions (5 - 30 °C; 45 - 85 °F). Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Regulatory Information

Not for sale in South Africa